Aging and Adult Resource Connections

Aging and Adult Resource Connections (ADRC) are springing up throughout our 7 county region. An ADRC is a “no wrong door” approach to addressing the frustrations many consumers and their families experience when they need to obtain information and access to long term services and supports (LTSS).  Typically, the core partners are the Area Agency on Aging and the Independent Living Center, bringing the aging and disabilities communities together.  ADRC programs raise the visibility about the full range of public and private LTSS programs available, provide objective information, options counseling, information & assistance, and ensure people are able to make informed decisions about LTSS.  Even though the ADRCs in this region are not brick and mortar, they bring enhanced collaboration and improved service coordination and deliver.

The Nevada County ADRC was the first to serve a rural area in California.  It is a collaboration between Agency on Aging – Area 4 (AAA4) and FREED (the local Independent Living Center).  In Yolo County, AAA4 is partnering with Resources for Independent Living and the Yolo County Healthy Aging Alliance to form a new ADRC that has received an “emerging” status by the California Department of Aging.

I recognize a need to expand the ADRC even farther.  AAA4 and FREED are exploring the possibility of expanding our partnership into Yuba and Sutter Counties.  AAA4 and Resources for Independent Living have just begun discussions about partnering in Sacramento County.  It is my hope to have ADRCs throughout our 7 county region in the near future.

Pam Miller,
Executive Director