Community Survey

Every 4 years Area Agencies on Aging are required to develop a plan on what services will be provided to the 60+ population in their respective geographic area.  It is time for AAA4 to develop our 4 year plan.  We began by conducting comprehensive needs assessments in the form of surveys.  We surveyed older adults, caregivers, professionals working in the field of aging and anyone interested in aging issues.  The surveys are ongoing.  I encourage anyone reading this to take a survey if you already haven’t.  In February we will conduct as many as 10 public hearings throughout our region to gain more input.

What is different about how we are developing this 4 year plan?  We are taking a community centered approach and asking each community what they need.  We have formed community centered County Workgroups who are looking at census data and gaps in services to tell us what is needed in their community.  We are excited to see the outcomes of this process.  As we progress I will keep you updated.

Pam Miller,
Executive Director