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2024-26 Strategic Plan

Older Adults vs. Children Population Chart

In rural Nevada and Sierra Counties, this shift already happened in the year 2000. In Sacramento County, the State has projected there will be more older people than young people by 2030. Yolo County is expected to follow suit in 2035. Placer, Sutter and Yuba Counties have larger proportions of kids, delaying this overall trend. By 2045, California as a whole will have more seniors than children.

The Dual Challenge

Preserving services for the oldest old today; planning for the elderly Baby Boomers of tomorrow.

We know that the Baby Boom dramatically changed America during the latter half of the 20th century. But, what do we really know about how the Boomer Generation will change what it means to grow old as we move ahead into the 21st century? The Dual Challenge attempts to answer that question based upon the best, most reliable information available for our region.

Public Data on Older Adults

California Department of Finance
California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Aging Integrated Database (AGID)
Poverty Guidelines for Older Americans Act And Older Californians Act Programs 2017

Other Noteworthy Reports and Studies

SACOG Metropolitan Transportation Plan for 2035

Regional Housing Needs Plan 2013-2021
Homelessness and Older Adults in Yolo County

Health Care
Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures, 2012
Long-Term Care

Asian & Pacific Islander Americans and Aging in CA
Latino Americans and Aging in CA
White Americans and Aging in CA

Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment Report explains how AAA4 determines the top needs of older adults in the seven-county service region, presents those needs in rank order, and offers general recommendations for addressing senior needs.

County Level Data 2015-16

Top Senior Needs by County

Nevada County *
Placer County *
Sacramento County *
Sierra County **
Sutter County **
Yolo County *
Yuba County **

* Complete Data Set Available Upon Request
** Data Set Not Statistically Significant

Changing Demographics in California

California’s Changing Demographics
Challenges of California’s Aging Population
AAAs are here for Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities
How You Can Help Your AAA
Aging Is All About Living!

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