David Soto: Thank You for Your Service

This blog is a tribute to David Soto. He retired on June 30, 2017, after 43 years of service to AAA4. Dave is a wonderfully positive individual. He is steady and “goes with the flow”. I will miss his vast historical knowledge about this agency. When I had a question about “why do we do it this way?” Dave would provide me with the entire backstory.

I saw Dave as our ambassador. Whether attending a SACOG meeting in Sacramento or visiting a congregate meal site in Loyalton, he was an excellent representative of AAA4. He speaks well and is the ultimate diplomat. He is also kind and that comes across in his interactions with people in the community.

 Dave was a young man when he started at AAA4. He had just earned his Master’s Degree in Psychology. He joked about staying long enough to be eligible for our services. He worked tirelessly to serve older adults and his time with AAA4 truly made a difference. Happy golfing, Dave!