Welcome to the new and improved website for Agency on Aging | Area 4!  I believe that it reflects the innovations and energy in this agency.  It is time that the aging community get the attention and focus that it deserves.  We are committed to making that happen!

For 42 years we have been known as Area 4 Agency on Aging.  Recently we have begun to say “Agency on Aging | Area 4” to change the emphasis to who we are and whom we serve.  Serving older adults is critical.  The face of aging is changing dramatically as the Baby Boomers reach their 60s in ever increasing numbers.  It is necessary to identify areas where there are holes in service delivery and to figure out how to meet those needs.  To achieve this, agencies in the aging network must come together in coalitions, partnerships, and joint efforts to most effectively serve the burgeoning waves of older adults who will need more services now and in the near future.

We are currently assessing the needs of the aging community in our seven county area through a comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey.  The information we collect will guide us into the future.  We value your input, as an older adult, as a caregiver, as someone working with older adults, or as a concerned community member.  Please take the survey on this website and pass the word to others that we need their input, too!

Pam Miller,
Executive Director

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