Know Abuse. Report Abuse.




June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  For every case of elder abuse reported, an estimated four cases go unreported.  It is up to us as caring professionals, community members, and neighbors to be on the lookout for the older adults and younger vulnerable adults who are incapable of protecting themselves.  Some members of the community, including care custodians, healthcare providers and many government employees are required by law to report abuse.  However, everyone is encouraged to report whether they are mandated or not.  Unexplained changes in behavior, bruises, or a lack of cleanliness may suggest abuse. Know Abuse. Report Abuse.  If you suspect a loved one or a neighbor of being a victim of abuse please call the following Adult Protective Services numbers:

Nevada County: 530-265-1639

Placer County:  916-787-8860 or 888-886-5401

Sacramento County:  916-874-9377

Sierra County:  530-289-3720

Sutter County:  530-822-7151

Yolo County:  888-675-1115

Yuba County:  530-749-6471