RFP Bidders’ Conference – Q & A

October 21, 2022

Q.  In the Transportation Program Specifications, the font size automatically starts to get smaller after I am typing my answer.  Should I stop entering text when that happens?

A.  No.  The font size will shrink to fit the text box as needed.  There is no maximum word count.

Q.  Regarding Allowable Activities in the Transportation Program Specifications, if we were to deliver meals to an older adult without transporting them, would that be recorded as a one-way trip?

A.  No.  It would be recorded as a COVID unit, assuming the temporary program flexibilities to do this are still in effect.   Tentatively, those flexibilities are expected to end on July 1, 2023.  Further guidance from the State is pending.

Q.  While the temporary program flexibilities remain in effect, does AAA4 expect transportation providers to transport one client at a time to maximize social distancing?

A.  Not necessarily.  All Funded Partners are expected to comply with guidance issued by County Public Health Departments.  Individual clients’ comfort level should also be a major consideration.  The Funded Partner must decide what is practicable for them, based upon the resources available to them to provide the service.

Q.  How many people is HICAP intended to serve overall?

A.  Approximately 600,000 Medicare beneficiaries live in the 9-County service area.  AAA4 expects the Funded Partner to have sufficient staffing/volunteers to be able to respond to incoming referrals, particularly during the annual open enrollment period.  Publicity/promotion efforts should cover the entire service area, with special emphasis on high-priority beneficiaries, including those who are low-income, ethnic minorities and those who live in rural areas.  The State and federal government set target numbers for HICAP providers based on historical performance and based on the known demography in the service area.

Q.  On the HICAP General Application, the field on page 1 called “Amount(s) Requested” is linked to the field on page 8 called “AAA4 Cost/Unit of Service.”  Will the application be fixed later to change this, or can we fill this out a different way? 

A.  This is an error.  However, AAA4 will NOT re-post the General Application at this time because doing so could require applicants to have to fill it out a second time.  Applicants should put the correct “Amount(s) Requested” figure in the field on page 1.  After the due date, AAA4 Staff will calculate the “AAA4 Cost/Unit of Service” on page 8 and provide that figure to the grants reviewers.

Q.  Regarding Transportation, the annual estimated funding amount is $32,283 for one full year, but for the purposes of this RFP, the timeline is only between Feb. 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023.  With this in mind, I wanted to clarify if our proposal should be prorated based on five months’ time or if the full amount is available for the period?

A.  Although the initial contract period for Transportation is less than twelve (12) months, the full annual award ($32,283) is available.  Applicants are not required to expend the full amount; however, AAA4 strongly encourages them to do so. 

Q.  Regarding the matching component questions for Transportation, if we are using our own van, are we able to use the current Fair Market Value as a match?A.  Match requirements are complex, so it is difficult to say with certainty based only on the details provided in the question itself.  Additional information about Match can be found in the Sample Contract Documents section of AAA4’s RFP webpage, Title III-B Transportation Terms & Conditions, page 21, Part L.

Q.  On the transportation application, under proposed program costs (section V), it requests an explanation of how funds will be used but the boxes to type in are locked (only editable in the amount column).  Should I provide an explanation in the dollar amount section or attach a supplemental document for this section?

A.  This is an error.  Please attach a supplemental document.